About Us


Circuit-i is leading in the field of car multimedia systems as our team is dedicated to provide latest, technologically advanced & futuristic features in our products. Circuit-i products are true value for your money.
Established in the year 1994 and based in Bangalore. Circuit-i wonderful and proficient products are the outcome of world’s most efficient and knowledgeable team who has dedicated and worked on developing such car infotainment systems which are entertaining as well as informative.
The company endeavour is to always introduce the latest state-of-art cost effective solutions in the Automobile Electronics field with specialization in multimedia and navigation. Towards this end, the company keeps introducing the latest technology platforms in this field , giving the customers access to the latest technology and also brilliant experiences.

The Circuit i Promise!

While many brands limit only their service to sale. Circuit i ensures we are a part of your journey much longer and thus ensure complete support if there is any assistance required for after sale service!


CIRCUIT-i Car Stereo

It’s an ideal combination of smartphone, multimedia and computer with a whole, extensive range of features which are unique and have been never before. We are focused on perfection and we continuously upgrade our products in accordance with technological development.

We have dealership and service center all over India.The company has been providing support to all customers for the last few years.

Circuit i+ is the advanced platform introduced by Circuit i. Read more about the features of the Circuit i+ platform here.